When Sheila Keiner was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, she decided right away she was going to do everything she could to delay the effects of the disease—through exercise, a forward-thinking attitude, and proper medication. Sheila also joined a research study at Charter Research in Orlando for a new medical device developed by Neuroderm, which would deliver a continuous infusion of Parkinson’s medication.

Sheila boxes, does Pilates, serves as a mentor, and is an active mother. She’s so dedicated to her participation in the Neuroderm research study, that she splits time between Nashville, Tennessee and Orlando, Florida without missing a study visit.

Sheila calls Charter Research a “special place,” and our team is inspired by Sheila’s passion and dedication to progressing research. Early in the clinical trial, Sheila created fashionable pouches to hold her infusion device and medication without inhibiting her daily life. She shared her innovation with us and the study sponsor so that study participants around the country could enjoy easier, more accessible use of the study medication. Sheila’s positivity and mentorship to other volunteers contributes not just to Parkinson’s research, but to the community at large.