Cassava Sciences is recruiting participants for the Phase 3 trial of an experimental Alzheimer’s drug that targets the filamin A proteins in the brain.

Charter Research is screening participants to participate in a drug trial for Cassava Sciences’ experimental Alzheimer’s drug, simufilam (also called PTI-125). The Phase 3 trial, called RETHINK-ALZ, investigates whether 100 milligrams of this drug taken in tablet form is safe and effective in treating the mild and moderate stages of Alzheimer’s disease. The study will take one year.

Scientists still aren’t totally sure what causes Alzheimer’s. Many new drugs target a problematic protein associated with the disease called beta-amyloid. But simufilam’s drugmakers take a different approach. 

Simufilam targets a protein in the brain called filamin A, which is important for healthy brain function. Simufilam’s drug developers believe that Alzheimer’s comes about when filamin A stops working, leading to the death of brain cells. They’ve designed simufilam to help this protein start working again.

What to expect from the trial screening process

According to Yashira Cordero, clinical research coordinator, Charter is currently recruiting participants 50 to 87 years of age who are fully vaccinated against COVID-19, and who have experienced worsening memory for at least six months. Individuals who have previously received anti-amyloid drugs, in trials or otherwise—including the -mab class of monoclonal antibody drugs for Alzheimer’s—are not eligible for this trial. 

The entire process takes place across two visits over about two months, during which time patients will receive an MRI and blood test to confirm their Alzheimer’s diagnosis. 

What to expect from the RETHINK-ALZ trial

The trial takes about one year to complete. Patients will be split randomly into two groups: half will receive simufilam while the other half will receive a placebo. Their cognitive decline during this time will be measured through a series of cognitive questionnaires and blood tests. 

Patients will have a check-in visit with the clinical trial team every three months until the one-year study concludes with a wrap-up phone call. Participants won’t know which group they’ve been assigned to until the end of the trial. 

Ready to learn more?

Cordero leads the process of enrolling and screening potential trial participants at Charter Research – Winter Park. The principal investigators for the trial are Dr. Edgardo Rivera and Dr. Jeffrey A. Norton. To learn more about screening for trial eligibility call:

  • Winter Park, FL: 407-337-3000
  • The Villages, FL: 352-441-2000

You can also fill out a prescreen form online, and a representative will call you back within 1-2 business days. Fill out the prescreen form here.