Charter Research is recruiting participants for Annovis Bio’s Phase 2/3 trial of a new investigational Alzheimer’s drug designed to prevent toxic proteins from forming in the brain.

Charter Research is screening participants for a five-month drug trial to determine the safety and efficacy of buntanetap, an investigational oral treatment from drugmaker Annovis Bio designed to treat mild and moderate stages of Alzheimer’s.

Scientists believe that toxic versions of proteins like beta-amyloid and tau play an essential role in driving Alzheimer’s disease. But these aren’t the only toxic proteins in the brains of people with Alzheimer’s. Buntanetap is designed to broadly target all of these problematic proteins, preventing them from forming in the first place.

Elsewhere, researchers are testing the same drug for its ability to treat Parkinson’s.

What to expect from the trial screening process

According to Eddy Velez-Cintron, a clinical research coordinator at Charter Research who is leading the trial screening process, Charter is currently recruiting people 55 to 85 years of age who have mild to moderate Alzheimer’s. 

The screening process can be completed in a single day as long as prospective participants fast before their screening appointment, Velez-Cintron said. During this screening appointment, candidates will undergo a blood test, cognitive tests, and an electrocardiogram (ECG). If a participant doesn’t fast before the screening visit, they’ll need to come in a second time for the blood test.  

People with other psychiatric disorders like uncontrolled depression or schizophrenia, with uncontrolled diabetes, who’ve had cancer or a tumor within the past year, or who are living with other forms of dementia are not eligible for the trial.

What to expect from the trial

The trial takes place over five months. During three of those months, participants will make four different visits to the trial center. 

Patients will be split randomly into four cohorts which will take the investigational drug or placebo daily: one group will be taking 7.5 milligram doses of buntanetap, one for 15 milligrams, one for 30 milligrams, and one for the placebo. Ultimately, three out of four participants will receive the drug instead of a placebo, and participants won’t know which group they’ve been assigned to until the end of the trial.

Ready to learn more?

The study is being run at our Winter Park and The Villages offices. 

The principal investigators for the trial are Dr. Jeffrey Norton and Dr. Edgardo Rivera. To set up a screening appointment for trial eligibility or get more information, schedule a prescreen online or call your nearest location:

  • Winter Park: 407-337-3000
  • The Villages: 352-775-1000