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Advancing Medicines

for Alzheimer's Disease 

Our nationally recognized doctors are evaluating a number of new potential medications for Alzheimer’s disease. You might be able to participate in one of our clinical trials if:

  • You are worried your memory might start fading one day.

  • You are noticing some signs of memory loss.

  • You have mild cognitive impairment.

  • You have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease.

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Alzheimer's Prevention Study

If you're worried that your memory might start fading, then joining an Alzheimer's prevention study might be a great option for you. It might just help future generations too.

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The medication, oligommanate, is made primarily from brown algae.  Rather than targeting the brain directly like most other Alzheimer's drugs in clinical trials, this drug targets the microbes of the intestine, helping to re-balance the microorganisms in the gut, with the aim of reducing inflammation and promoting the health of microglial cells in the brain that scavenge around and clean up degenerated tissue.  In previous trials, this drug has demonstrated an improvement in cognition in people who received the drug compared to those who received the placebo.

We're studying a NEW potential medication for the treatment of Alzheimer's disease.  This medication has been approved in China and is now in Phase 3 trials in the United States.

NEW Potential Alzheimer's

Treatment Made from Seaweed

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NEW Clinical Trial:

A Blood Test to Help Diagnose Alzheimer's Disease

To learn about joining our clinical trial of a new blood test for Alzheimer's disease pathology, call us now.

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Memory Trials

for YOU

We're currently enrolling people just like you in a variety of clinical trials for memory loss and Alzheimer's disease.  You pay nothing to participate, and you don't need insurance.  You'll receive excellent medical care, and your participation helps to advance medicine.

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Are You or a Loved One Experiencing

Memory Problems?

If so, we encourage you to learn more about INTERCEPT-AD,

 a clinical research study of a new investigational medication.

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Can Scientists Boost Your Immune System

to Prevent Alzheimer's Disease?

Watch the Expert Presentation with Dr. Jeffrey Norton, MD:

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NEW Revolutionary Drug Developed to Treat Alzheimer’s Disease.

Watch to learn more about TrueBinding's latest study:

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